Women's Studies or Miss Columbia I Media Coverage

(Reverse chronological order of known coverage)


April 21, 2010             Columbia Spectator:  Lawsuit against CU women's studies dept. dismissed


Apr. 27, 2009              New York Times, City Room:  Court Rejects Men's Studies Lawsuit


Oct. 26, 2008              Columbia Spectator: Motion Filed to Dismiss Hollander Suit


Oct. 25, 2008              Daily News: Columbia blasts hostile lawyer


Sept. 30, 2008            WEHC Va. Radio, Emory & Henry College at 28:30


Aug. 28, 2008             Columbia University Speech to Women in Science, Part 1, Part 2


Aug. 23, 2008             Los Angeles Times:  Meghan Dunn, Roy Den Hollander's war on feminism


Aug. 22, 2008             Ivy Gate:  Maureen O'Connor, Middle-Aged White Guy Sues Columbia for Discrimination


Aug. 22, 2008             Mancow Radio Show:  Women's Studies lawsuit


Aug. 21, 2008             Fox News:  Your World with Neil Cavuto, Columbia University Women's Studies lawsuit


Aug. 21, 2008             News Talk Radio, Ireland:  Women's Studies lawsuit


Aug. 20, 2008             WIND Chicago:  Big John and Cisco, Women's Studies lawsuit


Aug. 20, 2008             Fox News Radio:  Brian and the Judge, Women's Studies lawsuit


Aug. 19, 2008             The New York Sun: Suit: Columbia Discriminates Against Men


Aug. 19, 2008             The Times of London: Lawyer Roy Den Hollander plans jihad against university feminism


Aug. 19, 2008             N.Y. Post : Columbia "bigoted" vs. men: suit


Aug. 19, 2008             WCBS-AM News:  Women's Studies lawsuit


Aug. 18, 2008             Tom Leykis Show, Los Angeles:  Women's Studies lawsuit


Aug. 18, 2008             Daily News:  "Feminist Columbia demonizes men-lawsuit"


Aug. 18, 2008             Wall Street Journal, Law Blog: Anti-Feminist Lawyer Sues Columbia Over Women's Studies


Aug. 18, 2008             New York Times: Lawyer Files Antifeminist Suit Against Columbia